Smooth Transition

Receive expert advice on planning your own move. This option is great for the person who wants to do it alone and would benefit from sitting down with Ann over a cup of tea to craft a solid strategy. 


  • Inventory of your belongings, evaluation furniture and storage during a complete walk-through
  • Review packing and moving arrangements and concerns
  • Design your "Sanity Box" of items you'll need immediately
  • Decide how appliances and electronics will be removed and reinstalled
  • Outline details of Moving Day

That Was Easy

This is the choice if you want to step into your new home on day one as though you've been living there for years: beds made, clocks set, towels hung, lamps plugged in and the kitchen ready to cook in!

Starting with the Smooth Transition Consultation, we will have a clear understanding of how to set up your personal items, from spices to linens; clothing to toiletries; tools to knick knacks.


  • Smooth Transition Consultation
  • Belongings unpacked and put away
  • New home organized according to your needs and lifestyle
  • Every room set up and ready to live in

The Magic Wand

Want British attention to detail on every aspect of your move? This is the option for you! We will ensure that everything is handled flawlessly, from supervising the movers to furniture placement to unpacking and organizing. We've got it covered!


  • Smooth Transition Consultation
  • Coordination of packers and moving company
  • Sensitive items packed upon request
  • Ensure truck loaded/unloaded properly
  • Receive movers at new home
  • Manage furniture placement
  • Meet workmen and technicians for installation of appliances and set up electronics and computers
  • Unpack & organize your new home
  • Arrange for artwork to be hung
  • Everything in place for the most stress-free moving experience possible
AT Livingroom

Remember the Plus? Yep - There's More!

Goodbye chaos, clutter and confusion - whatever your needs, we can meet them.  Although we are not a moving company, we can help you with the right moving company and work with them to coordinate the whole move for you.

We mark every job with imagination, organization, ease and style.

Next Steps...

Time is of the essence.

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